Why do you need to blog -10th issue special…

Hey Guys,

Welcome Back to my newsletter, a little while back when I was pondering over what should I write in this issue of my blog, a wonderful idea struck my head…. Why not write about blogging itself!! So here I am to tell you why you should start your own blog and how it helps you immensely (check it out maybe this could be your New year’s resolution this time around!!)

Why should you blog?

1) Clarity of thought:

In my opinion, blogging is one of those very few activities which brings forth clarity of thought and mind to you. I just didn’t realize the number of pages and documents it filled to write a blog and all this just clears and brings in a new splash of thoughts and ideas to your mind.

After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world. — Philip Pullman

2) A Chance to improve your language:

I can without even a slight hesitation say that my language has improved manifold after creating a space where I could express my thoughts. Some of my precarious knowings about the language also got answered in my quest in writing.

3) Learning new stuff…

Actively blogging is a great pathway to learn new stuff. I cannot fathom how much one can learn after setting such a goal.

Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it. — Albert Einstein

But what if…..

1) I don’t write anything original

The writer Jonathan Lethem has said that when people call something “original,” nine out of ten times they just don’t know the references or the original sources involved. So just take a chill pill and write whatever sounds to be interesting to you. Even if that doesn’t sound up your alley, it’s just as fine

There are no unique messages. Only unique messengers

to make compilations and knock-offs of the ones you loved or just write about your own life(won’t be the last time a based on a true story bags an award 😜!!) In the rich and timeless existence of our universe spanning 4.543 billion years and 5 whole ice ages, nothing can ever be original!!

2) I don’t feel motivated to write at times

If you fall into the bracket of a countless number of people including me who really want to write and “show their work” but it’s just that they don’t feel motivated, Here is what Peter de Vries has to say about procrastination which might be up your street.

I only write when I’m inspired, so I see to it that I’m inspired every morning at nine o’clock.

3) I am not an expert

Guide > Guru ?!!

You may have wondered why at times when your teacher teaches a particular topic and you learn the same from your peer, whatever your friend has taught you, would be much more easy and simple, C.S. Lewis calls this the “CURSE OF KNOWLEDGE”.

It often happens that two schoolboys can solve difficulties in their work for one another better than the master can. The fellow-pupil can help more than the master because he knows less. The difficulty we want him to explain is one he has recently met. The expert met it so long ago he has forgotten — C.S. Lewis

So try to play this to your advantage while blogging.



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